Stadium quarter

  • Design

    2009 - 2010
  • Built

    2011 - 2012
  • Program

    Shops and business centre
  • Location

    Rat Verleghstraat - Stadionstraat, Breda
  • Client

    Stadionkwartier Breda BV
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Stadium quarter

In collaboration with Grosfeld van der Velde Architecten and eijkingdelouwere, a plan was developed for the area between the NAC football stadium and the railway line to its south. The Stadium Quarter comprises three separate ensembles, the first of which, consisting of shops and a business centre, has already been completed. A second shopping complex and a cluster of office buildings will follow at a later date. The coherence between the three elements is achieved through unity of appearance, materiality and detailing.
The shops and the business centre in the first phase of the plan occupy a volume that is triangular in plan. In spatial terms, the five-storey business centre, which stands opposite the stadium, frames the space between stadium and complex. It stands on a continuous concrete podium that is interrupted only by the three entrances to the double-height central space, which is surrounded by two levels of shops. The concrete podium lends the architecture a robust appearance, which is quite appropriate in surroundings that are regularly overrun by football supporters. Above the podium the building has a double facade; the outer facade, of perforated profiled metal sheeting, has been wrapped around the building like a veil.