Regional waste authority

  • Design

    1996 - 1998
  • Built

    1998 - 2000
  • Program

    Offices, workshops and warehouse
  • Location

    Smidsweg, Westmaas
  • Client

    Gemeente Binnenmaas
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Regional waste authority

The Hoeksche Waard council depot in Westmaas consists of a rectangular garage for seventeen vehicles and an L-shaped building containing offices, workshops and a warehouse. The project is the elaboration of a concept developed by Witteveen+Bos for a combined depot and waste collection station.
The availability of a substantial budget made it possible to refine the building to such an extent that it contrasts sharply with the adjacent assemblage of containers for hard and chemical waste. The depot possesses an industrial chic thanks to the garage doors of translucent polycarbonate, the facades of profiled sheet metal, the continuous window bands of the office (a classic-modern indication that the facade is not load-bearing), which are mounted in steel frames and filled alternately with clear and frosted glass and with profiled sheeting.
The main volume consists of three sections: the workshop, with vehicle washing facilities beneath a projecting roof, the two-storey office and, in-between, the lower warehouse whose facade is wrapped in a band yellow and black diagonals, a reference to wheel stops and hazard stripes. A bay added to the ground floor of the office section not only achieved the exact number of square metres requested, but also gives the depot supervisor a view over his domain.