Football club

  • Design

    2004 - 2005
  • Built

    2006 - 2007
  • Program

    Clubhouse and changing rooms
  • Location

    Beukenlaan, Breda
  • Client

    Gemeente Breda & rkvv Jeka
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Football club

The playing fields of the Jeka football club are close to a major road and the A27 motorway, next to the leafy grounds of the former Sint Joost seminary, which currently houses an art school of the same name. The planting around the playing fields is still too immature to generate an impression of outdoor rooms, which is the long-term intention, so that the sports complex merges completely with Breda’s green structure.
The accommodation consists of two parts, a clubhouse topped by a covered stand, and the changing rooms. Like the two council depots, this essentially modest assignment was elaborated with great precision and made with attention to details. Examples of this attention are the dimensions of the changing rooms, which are based on the measurements of whole tiles, and the size of the building, which is based on the module of the concrete blocks used in the interior.