Apartments and offices

  • Design

    2005 - 2007
  • Built

    2008 - 2012
  • Program

    275 Apartments
  • Location

    Doornboslaan - Copernicusstraat, Breda
  • Client

    Woningcorporatie Laurentius en Wonen Breburg
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Apartments and offices

The 275 apartments on Doornboslaan are part of a redevelopment of the area south of Nieuwe Kadijk in Breda. The neighbouring office building for the West Brabant health services (GGD), a separate commission won in a European tender process, is both architecturally and spatially part of the ensemble. The office, which was built first, consists of a U-shaped volume on a podium; the housing consists of two rows of so-called park dwellings and one large quadrangular volume, one sixteen-storey side of which towers above the rest. The other sides are the same height as the GGD building (four floors of offices are equal to five floors of apartments); there is also a car park below the base of the apartment block. The precision of the identical building height is matched by the way the outdoor lighting is integrated with the balconies.
In spatial terms, the volumes take account of the existing street pattern, to which they connect, and of the continuous green zone in which they stand and which has been left as open as possible. The apartment buildings have two faces: on the outside of the quadrangle and on the south side of the two rows of park dwellings the dark, deliberately rough, brick facades make for a strong and sturdy presence; the north side of the rows and the inner elevations of the quadrangle are by contrast light and open. The entrance lobbies in the quadrangular volume are distinguished by the use of bright colours that also stand out against the white and dark brown facades.