Bridges and sewage pumping station

  • Design

    2003 - 2004
  • Built

    2005 - 2006
  • Program

  • Location

    Markendaalseweg, Breda
  • Client

    Gemeente Breda
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Bridges and sewage pumping station

As part of the construction of a new Tolbrug (toll bridge) on the same spot where it originally stood in the Middle Ages, a section of the Nieuwe Mark riverbank was redeveloped, with embankments, two more bridges and a sewage pumping station.
The Tolbrug forms the boundary between the straightened section of the River Mark and the meandering upstream section, which is 1.7 metres higher. The new Tolbrug is not just a connection but also a public space, a terrace-like deck with a bench. A transparent inset in the horizontal surface of the bench allows people to see an obliquely placed steel plate engraved with a line of poetry by Yvonne N, on the very spot where the water of the upper stream cascades into the lower stream.
Two other bridges were constructed over the upper stream: the Barones and the Minderbroeders bridges, abstract as a work by Richard Serra, which skim across the water at a height of no more than sixty centimetres. Both bridges have on one side a slightly raised pedestrian strip which is provided with a bridge railing.
The most recent component of the intervention is the new sewage pumping station that replaced a rather unsightly predecessor. The construction of a new building was accompanied by an overhaul of the machinery in the basement. Large windows in the new building allow passers-by to see the machines, while an obliquely placed mirror reveals the screws and thus the operation of the station. Precast facade panels of concrete with an admixture of highly reflective green stone are permanently washed by a film of water, a reference to what flows through the building and an effective shield against graffiti. Thanks to the plinth-like lighting around the building, the pumping station appears to rise above the ground plane.